Please find below links to Ernehale Junior School’s policies. Please contact the school office if you need an alternative format.

Ernehale Hub Accessibility Plan 2021

Admissions Arrangements 2021-2022

Admissions Arrangements 2022-2023

EJS Covid Catch-up Plan April 2021

Ernehale Hub Attendance Policy January 2021

Ernehale Hub Antibullying Policy Jan 2021

Ernehale Hub Complaints Policy

Ernehale Hub Positive Behaviour Policy Jan 21

The Ernehale Behaviour System for parents

Ernehale Hub First Aid Policy 2021

Ernehale Hub School Health and Safety Policy March 2021

Ernehale Hub SEND Policy Jan 2021

SEND Parents FAQ

Ernehale Hub FHT Child Protection Policy 2020-2021

Child Protection addendum FHT Jan 2021

Ernehale Hub Equality Policy 2021

Ernehale Hub Managing Allegations of Child Abuse Against Employees

Data Protection Policy May 2020 FHP

Ernehale Hub RSHE Policy January 2021

Ernehale Hub & FHT Remote Learning Policy (Summer)

Ernehale Hub Medicines Policy Nov 2020

Ernehale Hub Online Safety Policy Feb 2021

Emergency Closure and Severe Weather Procedures 2017

Ernehale Values Statement

Home Learning Policy 2016

Home School Agreement 2019-20

Parental Agreement for School to Administer Medicine

Ernehale Junior School Peer on Peer Abuse 2019

Pupil Internet Agreement 2018

Pupil Mobile Phone Policy Oct 2018

FHT Privacy Notice – Children Looked After and Children in Need Nov 2019

FHT Privacy Notice – pupils parents and carers Nov 2019

FHT Privacy Notice – workforce Nov 2019

School Dress Code 2016


Separated Parents Policy May 17

SRE Policy 2017

Teaching SRE with confidence in Primary schools SOW 2016-17