In today’s digital world  e-safety is a key focus at Ernehale Junior School.

The Internet is an invaluable resource and should be used both at school and work to support learning and have fun. However it is unmanaged and children and young people are more at risk of exposure to inappropriate materials and criminal behaviour if they are unaware of the dangers. The school has an extensive e-safety programme but children can still be exposed at home if sensible precautions are not in place.

Whilst many Internet Service Providers offer filtering systems and tools to help you safeguard your child at home, it remains surprisingly easy for children to access inappropriate material including unsuitable text, pictures and movies. Parents are advised to set the security levels within Internet Explorer, or other browsers, with this in mind.

Locating the computer in a family area where possible, not a bedroom, will enable you to supervise your son or daughter as they use the Internet. Also consider mobile phones, games consoles, and other devices that can access the internet. You don’t need to deny them the opportunity to learn from and enjoy the wide variety of material and games available on the Internet, instead discuss with them some simple rules for keeping safe online, making sure they understand the importance. Below are some websites that might be useful.



These are the rules we use at school and can easily be applied at home too.